Going South

Letting It Unfold

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I’m very sad that I have to move in a month because I love my roommate, my apartment and the low cost of living that comes with living in a two bedroom. I am, however, really excited about the new building I’ll be moving to even though my rent is going up $500 a month (what the what?!). The location is ideal and hopefully worth the arm and a leg that I’ll be spending on it. 

For those of you familiar with Uptown, it’s in the adorable State Thomas neighborhood that I have always loved and it’s also just a block off McKinney. It’s really walkable which is the main reason I chose it. The closet is rather large and it’s got a great balcony overlooking what they called the Greenbelt which is a nice quiet street with lots of trees. Fingers crossed it will meet expectations. Five weeks until moving day.